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Welcome to our homepage!

The Saturday Swindle meets every Saturday 11am in the main lounge. Registration is 12pm ,Tee times are from 12pm onwards. It is open to all members of the club, especially new members, who would find it an invaluable way of meeting new playing partners. 

                       The Super Swindle will be held  Sat 2nd Aug 2008           

Top ten caddy comments

Congratulations to Brian Penalver winning with an impressive 36 points

and having a hole in one on the 9th

Mohammed won the order of merit congratulations!



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Winners will be cut in the following order:- Winner 10%. Above 38 pts +1 . Above 40pts +2. Below 30 pts + 0.3

Multiple winners scoring below 36 loses only 10% . Individual winner scoring below 36 loses 10% & 1 shot

Congratulations to Dennette Harvey on winning the Super Swindle 2008
with a fantastic 38 points





A Happy home can be good for your golf

A happy home life can make you a better golfer, a leading sport psychologist said.

Researchers found the emotional support a golfer receives off the course is directly linked to the quality of his or hers performance on it.

They measured the level of support that 117 amateur male golfer received in their personal lives against the quality of their game.

Those with more emotional back up performed up to 24% better.

‘ We often speak of the ‘moral support sportsman get from their friends and families, which help their performance,’ said Dr Victor Wagner, of the sports academy.

‘ Perhaps then its not surprising that golfers benefit from  good social networks off the course. With this in mind I would like to draw my attention to Scott Harris and Paul ‘the thong’ De Vido both who are in the prime of the golfing lives have not lived up to their expectations. It has to be said that The Thong recently got married, and Scott Harris still dos not know which way to swing, and might I add that Scott Harris and Paul De Vido are very very very close friends



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